Making Traveler’s Note Weekly Vertical Refill by Myself

Making Weekly Verical Refill by Myself

TODO and Weekly Schedule are necessary for my job. Now I am a user of MOLESKIN Panoramic Diary, which is called bankbook by my cowokers. They said that Oh! you don’t have enough money in your bank! when I chech my scedule and todo. However Moleskin Paranomi Diary is very useful and great.

So, I have a plan to make TODO and Schedule custmized as i like by my self.

What I need for Schdule

In Moleskin, usually  I write my schedule in timeline first and put the To-Do tasks in open space.

Disadvatages of this operation is that I cannot put additional schedule after I fill in the open space by To-Do Tasks.

It is so natural. But It was inevitable because the notes, which we can buy in the shop , do not have enough space for my todo because of incoming daily NEW tasks.

So, independent and many To-Do List is necessary in my DIY traveler’s Note refill.

In addition, it is relatively hard to write the schedule, stated at harf hour. I need to improve that.

【Essentials for my weekly schedule】

  • Vertical
  • Start from Monday
  • From 8 o’clock To 20 o’clock
  • need lines at every 30minutes

【Essentials for my To-Do lists】

  • Need 10 per a day
  • Checkable for a week at onetime



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