RoadTrip To Hokkaido#1

Drive to Hokkaido!!

Finally the day came. August 19th in 2017 was the beginning of road-trip to Hokkaido. Although it was the second time for me to drive all the way to the Hokkaido, I was so excited. In this time, my kids came with us. I mean that the last time only my wife and me went to Hokkaido.  So I felt very happy to go to Hokkaido with my kids as a Family!!

The day#1: Tokyo to Iwate 2017/08/19 (545km)

Google map said it takes about 7 hours to get to Iwate Pref. So we had to drive and drive on the first day. My wife have to work on that day. My kids and me have to prepare for the trip. It was so hard to do because my kids, 6years old and 2years old, don’t work at all. prepare for this trip because my wife hWe left our house at 5 pm and went to the TSUTAYA to lent  8 DVDs for my kids.




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