Traveler’s Note

Cool but difficult to use.

That is the phrase to express the “Traveler’s Note”. I really love the appearance of it. It is made of leather, very simple, nice collar, and smooth touch. Perfect for me!

However, I have a complaint to Traveler’s Note. It is very hard to write down on the note, because of black stuff.

Traveler’s Note Black Stuff

I paid about 5,000JPY, that was not so cheap for me. So I decided to customize Traveler’s Note.

Customizing “Traveler’s Note”

I checked the website and realized the customizing Traveler’s Note is very popular. It had already done by many people. I think the making of Traveler’s note is very simple. So it’s familiar with many people.

Moreover some people have the same problem with me and fix it by themselves!


I went to “Yuzawaya” and bought the




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